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HHTToronto.com is the web site of the Toronto HHT Centre. We invite you to browse our site to learn more about HHT and the care available in Canada. This site contains information for Canadians with HHT, concerned family members and physicians involved in the care of patients with HHT.


Guidelines are Published - Second International HHT Guidelines are published in Annals of Internal Medicine (Sept 8, 2020). Access the guidelines and related materials at: www.hhtguidelines.org

Canadian HHT Foundation - People with HHT, and their families, are coming together across Canada to create a national HHT foundation in Canada. The goals are to advocate on behalf of patients and to shape and support HHT care and research across Canada... www.hhtcanada.com

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Epistaxis Severity Score (ESS). Measure your nosebleed severity using this online tool. Bring the results to your doctor. Click on this link ESS